Sample Letter


Here's A Sample Letter to Use contact the Library Board of Control and St Tammany Parish Council to express your opposition to the proposed resolution to limit access to certain graphic novels. Feel free to alter it as you see fit. 

Copy and paste the following email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]


Dear members of the St Tammany Library Board of Control and Parish Council,

I am writing to you today to express my concern about the resolution that is being proposed to restrict access to graphic novels in our community. As an avid reader and supporter of free speech, I strongly oppose any attempt to limit our access to literature, including graphic novels.

Graphic novels are a unique form of storytelling that can be used to explore complex issues and ideas in a way that is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. They have been used to educate and inspire generations of readers, and have contributed greatly to our cultural and literary heritage.

While I understand that there may be concerns about the content of some graphic novels, I believe that censorship is not the answer. Instead, we should encourage parents and educators to engage with young readers and help them understand the themes and ideas presented in these books.

As a member of our community, I urge you to oppose this resolution and stand up for our right to read and learn. I believe that limiting access to graphic novels is a step in the wrong direction, and would only serve to limit the diversity and richness of our community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope that you will join me in supporting the free and open exchange of ideas through literature.