Petition to Support our Libraries and Stand Against Censorship

Libraries in Parishes across the state are being targeted for censorship by political special interest groups and we need your help to stop them here in St Tammany. 


St Tammany Parish is a welcoming community to all and we stand firmly against banning books.  As such we endorse the following statements:

  • We believe that all people in our Parish deserve to see themselves reflected in our library’s collection.
  • We know a large majority of Americans (75%) across the political spectrum oppose book bans.
  • We stand in opposition to special interest groups seeking to limit access or remove books from our libraries. These groups include the St Tammany Parish Library Accountability Project, Citizens for a New Louisiana, and AG Landry. 
  • We believe parents should decide for themselves what their children read and that individuals and groups from our community should not dictate what other parents let their children read or what books are available in our library. 
  • Limiting access to or banning books from public libraries is a slippery slope to government censorship and a violation of our first amendment rights.
  • We hold our library director and our librarians in high regard and trust them to do their jobs.

We are united against book bans and we ask that our Parish President and Council pledge to act to protect the rights of members of our community to access a variety of books, magazines and other media through our public libraries.

Information about what brought this petition about can be found here.

3,541 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Linda Strickland
    signed 2023-08-25 12:43:48 -0500
    Don’t tread on my rights. The St. Tammany Library System is tops. It has been a significant part of my life since my family moved here when I was 7 (1963). I am 67 now. You don’t want your children reading anything and everything, then stay with them at the library. My parents didn’t follow me around. They never censored me. I’m pretty ok with how I turned out.
  • michael watson
    signed 2023-08-25 07:24:51 -0500
    1 sad person with nothing to do but complain 115 times unreal
  • Karen Gerson
    signed 2023-08-24 20:04:26 -0500
  • Alaina Silva
    signed 2023-08-24 19:43:44 -0500
  • Martha Gruning
    signed 2023-08-24 13:31:40 -0500
  • Fred Bruce
    signed 2023-08-24 08:53:29 -0500
  • Nancy Burvant
    signed 2023-08-24 06:32:12 -0500
  • Shelley Tracy
    signed 2023-08-23 18:01:26 -0500
  • Maryjane Dodd
    signed 2023-08-21 17:50:33 -0500
  • Ryan Gonzales
    signed 2023-08-17 08:13:50 -0500
  • Jillia Rosa
    signed 2023-08-15 09:47:32 -0500
    Books and other library resources provide the community access to self and supported learning. It’s not just books, there are classes, databases, law resources, tax resources. I can’t even believe we are talking about book restrictions. If you don’t have interest in a topic, then don’t read it. I support the librarians who make all of this possible and I believe in their ability to make resources available that present many sides to a discussion.
  • Kathryb Hecker
    signed 2023-08-13 17:12:47 -0500
  • Bettina Carroll
    signed via 2023-08-11 14:59:46 -0500
    Bettina Carroll
  • Andrew Beardsley
    signed 2023-08-11 12:17:09 -0500
  • Maika Llaneza
    signed 2023-08-11 12:15:14 -0500
  • Jen Bordenave
    signed 2023-08-03 18:56:05 -0500
  • Amanda Meaux
    signed 2023-08-03 18:01:37 -0500
  • Lauren Beliveau
    signed 2023-08-03 10:42:41 -0500
  • Elaine McNeely
    signed 2023-08-02 18:35:58 -0500
  • Marty Bankson
    signed 2023-08-02 04:27:21 -0500
  • Emily Bohm
    signed 2023-08-01 21:49:15 -0500
  • Skip Bohm
    signed 2023-08-01 21:46:28 -0500
  • Hillary Bohm
    signed 2023-08-01 21:45:06 -0500
  • Rebecca Bohm
    signed 2023-08-01 21:42:39 -0500
  • Allie Reese
    signed 2023-08-01 10:15:59 -0500
  • Joshua Nethken
    signed 2023-07-28 03:39:42 -0500
  • Karen Deakin
    signed via 2023-07-25 09:34:52 -0500
    Am happy to thank and support our St. Tammany Public Library and its employees.
  • Sharen Warren
    signed 2023-07-23 17:12:59 -0500
  • Amy Holcomb
    signed 2023-07-22 17:10:01 -0500
    Distraction efforts using fearmongering tactics reflect the xenophobic agenda the party continues to support. Let’s see leaders lead with strength, NOT fear!
  • Gnanse Nelson
    signed 2023-07-20 23:21:57 -0500